Main Objects of Tour and Travel Company[MOA]

Main Objects of Tour and Travel Company

Are you looking for a draft MOA or Main objects of tour and travel company? if yes, then you are at the right website. Here’s the indicative list of main activities or main objects of tour and travel company engaged in the business of tour operators, travel agents.

If you are stuck in drafting a memorandum (MOA) of any travel agency and tour operator’s company, then this post will be quite helpful for you.

In this post, we have listed the main objects related to travel agencies and the tour & travel business. This list is quite comprehensive.

You can use this activities list in while incorporating any type of tour operator or travel agency company in India or abroad.

Main Objects Tour & Travel Company


MOA of Tour and Travel Company

1.To encourage and provide the business as package tour operators, travel agents, ship booking agents, railway ticket booking agents, airlines ticket booking agents, carrier service agents, courier service agents.

2. To carry on the business as tourist agents, consultant and contractors and to facilitate traveling and to provide for tourists and travelers, the provision of convenience of all kinds in the way of through tickets, sleeper cars, or berths, reserved places, hotel, motel and lodging, accommodation guidance, safe deposits, enquiry bureaus, libraries, reading rooms, baggage transport and other allied services.

3. To carry on the business or profession as tour operators, trip advisors, travel agents, consultant either online or offline or through business associates in India and abroad.

Main Object of Travel agency business in India

4. To own, create, operate and manage online market places, websites, portals, mobile applications and to provide a convenient, quick and affordable online platform for the common man and businesses to get world class tour and travel services, trip guide, tour packages and other allied services at one place.

5. To act as holiday makers, organisers of picnic, tours and travels by road, rail and air and owners of vehicles of all description required for holidays, picnics, entertainment, variety shows fashion shows musical evenings, fashion and talent parade and organise such activities as may be required by the person, firms, trade and industry for the holiday of their employees, owners, proprietors, partners or members.

6. To undertake the business of holiday makers and arrange, organise or manage picnics, tours and travel and to facilitate travelling and to provide tourists and travellers all types of facilities for comfortable holiday by making arrangements of tickets, circular tickets, sloping cars, berths, vehicles, hire rooms, hotel booking, boarding and / or lodging facilities and making provisions for guides, tourist information service, baggage safety, transport etc,.

7. To organise religious /spirituals, educational, sight-seeing and other activities connected with the holidays.

Memorandum or MOA of Tourism Company in India

8. To act as IATA agents, selling agents, sub agents, brokers and agents for airline companies, tour wholesale companies, rail road and sea transport company cargo and custom clearing agents, warehouse man, storekeeper, loading and unloading agents and to act as consultants and advisors for any airlines, shipping companies and such other organization, related thereto in India and abroad.

9. To act as consultant and advisor in the field of tourism, travel, visa service and such other allied field thereof.

10. To carry on the business of money changer and authorised dealers of all foreign currencies and deal in foreign exchange, foreign currencies of all kinds such as Coins, Travellers cheques, Bank notes and convert foreign currencies into Indian rupees and vice-versa subject to the provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (FEMA), the RBI’s directions and other applicable laws in force.

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